Daniel Radcliffe would never see his Irish fans short of a few bob!


Daniel Radcliffe is not really your typical celebrity. He refuses to use Twitter and Instagram, has shied away from Hollywood blockbusters since his Harry Potter days, and seems to be a little bit of a nerd at heart. And now, he's proven himself as even more of a down-to-earth guy with this really sweet gesture.

Back in 2012, the actor spent a bizarre night out with the Dublin minor footballing team, celebrating their All Ireland win. It might have gone down in history as an urban legend if Dan hadn't posed for pictures with the team (and the Tom Markham cup) looking a little worse for wear…

He even met the lads again on a promotional visit to Ireland last month… aaw!

Now though, Dan's really cemented his friendship by repaying the guys for the taxi they shouted him on that fateful night. GAA player Conor Mullally tweeted a picture today of a €50 euro note sent to him by Dan, with the caption, "Two years later,Daniel Radcliffe pays us back the taxi fare from that infamous night #gent"

The lovely note from the actor reads, "Hi guys, so thank you again for paying for my cab! I couldn't live with myself if I didn't honour my word and pay you back. Once again great meeting you all. Hope this covers it! Thanks, Dan R."

Any chance you're in the market for some other Irish pals, Dan?! Sign us up!