Couple plan awesome trip


Tori and David are a couple in their mid-twenties and they plan on travelling across Europe. While their idea doesn’t seem that unusual on the surface, there is a lot more to their story than meets the eye.

Tori suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a weakening of muscles, so her only means of mobility is an electric wheelchair.

While the couple are calling it their “small adventure,” it is not actually that small; in fact, the travelling duo hope to cover over 4000 miles and, to makes things harder, they plan on doing it in under four weeks.

Leaving from Devon on the 4th May, they will hit a number of cities across the continent, including France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia.

They hope to show that with “forward planning and the ambition to achieve” anything is possible. They will be updating their adventures on their blog, Our Small Adventure.

Tori said: “Rushing around for 2 nights in a European city, only to return home as stressed as we went, we feel it just isn’t worth the cost. So we thought, let’s do it all in one go!”