Could these hidden signs be telling you to lose weight?

We all go through fleeting moments of thinking we need to lose weight, be it when your standard size doesn't fit in a certain shop, or your freshly dried jeans feel a bit too tight.

Usually it's purely psychological – unless the signs are a little more serious.

Your weight on the scales isn't the only indicator of how your body is doing – there are many other signs that can factor in, too. And in the same way someone who is overweight on the scales can be perfectly healthy, someone who registers as a normal weight can actually be unhealthy.

Here are some warning signs that you may need to drop a few pounds…

1. Your BMI is above the normal range
Your Body Mass Index (BMI) takes both your weight and height into account and so is a slightly more accurate reading of your health. With lots of free BMI calculators online you can get a result in seconds. Be aware that it still doesn't give the full story, and what's "normal" for some won't be the same for others. However, if your BMI is over 24.5 it could be worth checking in with your doctor for a more detailed examination.

2. You avoid mirrors
If you can't remember the last time you felt content to pose for a photo or glance in the mirror, think about what the underlying issue could be. If you have a feeling it might be linked to your weight, that's a telltale sign you're not comfortable in your skin. Of course, low self esteem and a negative body image often have nothing to do with your weight, but either way it could be time to reflect on why you're feeling that way.

3. You've become a bad sleeper
Some people sleep badly in general, but if you've noticed that you haven't woken up feeling rested in a long time, your weight could be the culprit. Excess weight can bring on a condition known as sleep apnea, where your breathing is constricted periodically throughout the night. The onset of heavy snoring is another symptom of this condition.

4. You have no energy
If you're constantly dreaming of your bed and are lacking in motivation and energy, could your weight be the problem? Being overweight can lead to internal inflammation, leaving you feeling tired more often than usual. If you're noticing that everyday tasks are tiring you out, it's time to consult a doctor.

5. Your waist measures 33 inches or more
Your stomach and waist are the most unhealthy places to carry excess fat, and can be a contributing factor in heart disease, cancer and diabetes. A high waist measurement is a sign that you could be carrying too much weight in that area.

6. You eat a lot, but you're always hungry
This could be related to one of two factors. One, you're simply eating the wrong food. Meals that are high in fat, sugar and salt but low in protein and fibre just won't keep you full, so you'll be craving a snack before you know it. Two, you could be at risk of a weight-related condition like Type 2 diabetes which can actually be reversed by dropping the pounds. If you suspect it's the latter, consult your doctor and don't ignore the signs!