Coppers has been hailed as one of Dublin’s most romantic locations


When we think of the most romantic places in the world, places like the Eiffel Tower and Bow Bridge in Central Park spring to mind.

The last place we’d think of is Copper Face Jacks nightclub. However, it has somehow been recommended as one of the most romantic spots in Dublin.

Nothing says true love like dancing to Cotton Eye Joe with a lad whose name you don’t remember, right?

Copper Face Jacks nightclub, the Ha’ Penny bridge and the town of Howth were recommended as the most romantic locations in Dublin by drivers that use the Free Now app when asked for advice by their passengers.

Dublin taxi drivers are famous for their love of ‘a bit of chat’ with passengers, but a new survey by Free Now of the 14,000 drivers that use the app ahead of St Valentine’s Day has shown that many passengers are only too happy to ask for their advice, and often on affairs of the heart. 


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Over 33 percent of the drivers that responded admitted to being asked for romantic advice by passengers while working, including requests for ideas on the most romantic hotspots in Dublin – with taxi drivers recommending Coppers as one of the best venues for passengers looking to be struck down by Cupid’s Arrow.

One driver recalled a fare from outside Coppers, where a woman had been smitten by a young gentleman in the nightclub she had just left behind but hadn’t any phone number to ask him out on a date, leading to the taxi driver turning the taxi around and going back to the man outside the nightclub to get the number on her behalf.  

Fiona Brady, Head of Operations at Free Now, commented: “Taxi drivers in Dublin have a unique character and play a colourful role in the social fabric of our cities, so ahead of Valentine’s Day we were really curious to find out more about the tales of romance and the responses did not disappoint!”

“From whirlwind romance to full-on heartbreak, FREE NOW drivers have seen it all across Dublin city which teems with life, fun and intrigue,” she added.

Well, it looks like we’ll be heading to Coppers this weekend after all.