Chinese cinemas are encouraging people to text during films!


If you’re one of the few people who follow the rules in the cinema and turn off your phone completely, you’ll be missing out if you go to see a film in China!

They are launching a new program where audience members will be able to send texts about the film which will then appear on screen – after they’ve been screened, of course. God knows what might pop up otherwise.

Apparently the ‘bullet screen’, as it is known, is already a reality in Beijing and Shanghai, but we sure hope it doesn’t come to Ireland. It’d be like when you can’t get the subtitles off the TV even though it’s in English, and then you can’t stop reading them even though there’s no need – SO annoying!

This is one advancement in technology we can definitely live without. Plus, if we weren’t under the constant threat of the usher coming up and asking us to put our phones away (oh, the mortification!) we’d probably be tempted to check Facebook every five minutes. The cinema is our only escape! Please don’t ruin it!