Cher Lloyd looks unrecognisable after her latest makeover!


Cher Llyod has apologised countless times for her “bratty” behaviour on the X Factor, and now it seems that she wants to take her new mature attitude, to her style as well.

Cher has said goodbye to the tracksuits and trainers and has gone for a more classic look in her latest fashion spread. Cher says that she now feels she can finally be herself.

“I’m much more comfortable and confident with my look and style now. When I was on The X Factor I couldn’t 100% be myself. I felt like I was being pulled and tugged in different directions. I felt that I wasn’t good enough and had self-confidence issues.”

The singer revealed that she didn’t know what she was going on the X Factor and followed everyone else’s direction when it came to her look.

“Everyone was saying ‘you should wear this’, and it was confusing. I was OK before – I was the sort of girl who didn’t really care what people thought of me, so to be put in that position on the show was quite difficult. I’m 21 very soon, so I’ve grown up at lot since I was 16!”

Well Cher has certainly grown, and we’re loving her new attitude and style as a result of it.