Charlotte shares incredible before and after snap on Instagram


There’s no denying that Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby has had an incredible 2015 – and it’s not even March yet!

Not only has her DVD 3-Minute-Belly-Blitz become a fitness phenomenon, now she’s jetted off to Australia and New Zealand to promote her fashion range!

Although there has been somewhat of a dark cloud on her success recently after her former co-star Vicky Pattinson accused her of copying her own fitness DVD, which didn’t make as much of an impact on the market as Charlotte’s.

Charlotte replied to Vicky’s unkind words saying: “I don’t know. I just keep reading all these hurtful things she’s supposed to have said about us [Geordie Shore cast] in interviews. I don’t want to get in an arguement. I’ve never said a bad word about her. When I was asked about her leaving Geordie Shore I said she’d be missed. When we went back into filming it felt like I’d lost a limb.”

Now, Charlotte’s most recent Instagram snap has gotten people talking again as she shows a photo of her current figure compared to a photo of her before she began her fitness regime. The reality TV star captioned the photo: “#FitspoFriday found this old pic of me on the right on holiday. #3MinuteBellyBlitz time. I’m gunna [sic] stare at this while I’m doing the HIT cardio sections that will get me through.”

We hope the former best friends can patch things up soon!