Certainly not holding back! Things get STEAMY for Kylie in new video


Ahhh, Kylie.

It's safe to say Kylie Jenner – and all of the Kardashian/Jenners in general – are a bit TMI when it comes to, well… their whole lives. But in a recent Alexander Wang ad, Kylie certainly lets it all out.


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In the campaign for Wang's latest season collection, the reality star in walking with her boyfriend (yep, Tyga also stars in the clip) hand in hand and when it flips back to them, Ty is seen kissing Kylie's neck.

The promo video stars the lovebirds as well as DJ Skrillex and a group of models.


@alexanderwangny #wangsquad

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Skrillex and the models are drinking and dancing, and then we see Tyga in a bathtub looking at his girlfriend as she dances seductively with another woman.

#WangSquad? Hmmm… we're not so sure.