Celebrity couple to get a quickie divorce


Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton will reportedly file for a quickie divorce today.

The celebrity couple, who got married in 2008, split up last year.

Documents filed at London’s High Court are said to show the couple’s case is due to be heard this morning.

The marriage broke down last summer after reports that Liam had fathered a daughter with American journalist Liza Ghorbani.

The former Oasis star has apparently moved in with new girlfriend Debbie Gwyther, the manager of his band Beady Eye.

At the end of last year, former All Saints star Nicole posted a series of tweets about how the year had taught her to be prepared for “whatever life throws at you.”

“No matter how good you treat people there will always be people that are blind, take advantage of it and regret it when it’s gone,” she wrote.

“You’re gonna get talked about, left out, used, and even lied to but you have to decide who’s worth the pain and who isn’t. Even the people you care about the most can walk out of your life. 2013 taught me to be prepared for whatever life throws at you,” she added.

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