B*Witched singer Keavy Lynch reveals she’s expecting twins

Huge congratulations are in order for B*Witched singer Keavy Lynch, who has revealed she is pregnant with twins.

Lynch, who is an identical twin herself, shared her incredible news on Instagram this afternoon. The mum posted a series of photos, including one of her daughter Freya holding up a scan of the twins.

The mum gushed, "So I have been pretty quiet on here since lock down. For the first 3 months I was feeling pretty rough, shattered and sick all the time. Now we know why  #TwinMum #TwinHavingTwin #Family #love @nathanielcomer feeling blessed."


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The C'est La Vie singer was showered with loving messages after announcing her pregnancy. "Wow! Congratulations! I have twins myself.. and it’s craaaazy but so much fun. I’m sure your Mum can attest to that," one follower said.

Another added, "Awe Keavy! I’m 33 weeks with twins! Best of luck to you!! It’s crazy."

"Congratulations Hun. Hope your all ok and this is all over before the birth. (Virus)" said another.

The 40-year-old welcomed her first child, daughter Freya, in 2018. There's no doubt she cannot wait to welcome her siblings into the world!