“Bulls**t” Kendall Jenner speaks out about Bruce’s transition


Kendall Jenner's GQ cover was released on Wednesday and as stunning as she is it was the accompanying interview that caught our attention.

The 19-year-old model has opened up about growing up in the spotlight and the way the media portrays her father Bruce Jenner.

Kendall is not impressed about all the rumours the media are adding to accompany reports that her father is undergoing a gender transition. 

She recently spoke out against American magazine Us Weekly, after the magazine published false quotes about Bruce's transition, supposedly from Kendall. The reality star later claimed the quotes were fabricated and said she had never even spoken to the reporter.

Another Us Weekly headline also read "Bruce's journey: How He Told His Kids, Kendall and Kylie finally hear it from him as cameras roll!"

Kendall reacted to this headline when asked about it by stating to GQ: "All that is bulls**t." She then added, "I don't even know what they're talking about, so I have no idea."

When asked to comment on the rumours about her Olympic athlete father, Kendall said: "That's why this life is different. That's why this life isn't normal, you know what I mean?"

During the interview Kendall went on to talk about facing the cameras at home from a young age and added how she and Kylie never had a choice about whether or not they wanted to be famous. "How could we have a say?" she argued. "It was in our home. There was no way we couldn't be on it."

This is a more personal side of Kendall we have never seen before. 

We hope the drama dies down for Bruce soon.