Buffy star Nicholas Brendon arrested for the FOURTH time

Nicholas Brendon has been arrested again in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Police were called to a hotel in the area after the actor was involved in an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

E! News reports a spokesperson for the police department, Bob Gillson, as explaining that the woman had stopped at the hotel to bring Nicholas some personal items. He then refused to let her leave the room.


The spokesperson added that Nicholas then pinned her against the wall and began choking her after they got into an argument about his keys and phone.

When police officers found Nicholas a short distance from the hotel, he did not resist arrest. He was taken into police custody and held overnight.

Police say that “alcohol was involved” in the argument and Nicholas was charged with two counts of criminal mischief, third-degree robbery and one count of obstruction of breathing.

This year alone, Nicholas, 44, has now been arrested four times.

In February and March the actor was arrested after he caused damage to hotel rooms while drunk, and in May he was also arrested for public intoxication.

In June, his manager posted a statement on his social media pages which said he would be entering a treatment programme:

"Earlier today, with the support of his professional team, his friends, and his family, Nicky entered a rehabilitation facility in California to treat his depression, alcoholism, and substance abuse problems. He's taking the steps necessary to better his health and give himself, and his fans, the gift of a healthy lifestyle."