Brian O’Driscoll doesn’t look like he used to!


We definitely didn’t have Brian O’Driscoll down as the type who would get a nose job – but the former Rugby star has admitted that he’s got a new honker!

He didn’t go through with the procedure out of vanity though – Brian had a deviated septum which was causing him bother:

“I did get a new nose. I had a deviated septum and too many people were telling me to wipe my nose so I just said enough is enough, I’ll get it straightened.”

Well, we wouldn’t like being told to wipe our noses too much either, so we can see where he was coming from. There are other benefits to his new nose too:

“I don’t snore as much now so I’ve a happy wife.”

Ah, so perhaps one too many sleepless nights due to Brian's snoring made Amy put her foot down! We just wish we could see a photo of his new shnoz – though the old one was good enough for us!

Brian’s new and improved nose comes just on time for his new start on Newstalk as part of the Off The Ball team this month, and the rugby legend says that while he hasn’t missed being part of the team yet, it’ll get tough when the games start:

“It’ll be strange for the first while. I haven’t missed the pre-season training or the hard work but I’m sure once the games start it’ll be a bit difficult. Although once the Champions Cup starts it’ll be exciting to commentate on that – from as neutral a perspective as I can.”