Breakfast cereals we all remember from our childhood!

Ah, breakfast cereal. Aside from toast (maybe), there was no real other option for breakfast as a child. Fruit? Why would I have that when I could enjoy these sugar-coated flakes? The best joy of all was when you were allowed to get a Variety Pack of cereals during the Saturday shop. Usually all the good ones got eaten and the Cornflakes were left lingering in the back of the cupboard. 

Whether you lived solely on a diet of sugar or whether you were only allowed get the "nice" cereals on special occasions, you'll remember these bad boys… Ah, the nostalgia!

1. Lucky Charms
Once upon a time, Lucky Charms could be bought from any supermarket in Ireland. Sure, the box had a leprechaun on it – it was like our national cereal! Sadly though, these marshmallow filled boxes of joy are now only available in specialist stores here. Don't get too upset though, if you tried them as an adult you'd probably recoil at the amount of sugar and the fact that the artificial colours make the milk turn grey. Yum!

2. Frosties
Now we're talking. Take Cornflakes and coat them in sugar – such a genius idea! Nothing like a bowl of Frosties on a Saturday morning. We still turn to this cereal in times of extreme hungoverness.

3. Rice Krispies
The ultimate comfort food, now and forever. If you've ever had Rice Krispies with hot milk on a cold Irish winter morning, you've truly experienced heaven.

4. Coco Pops
The rebellious little brother of Rice Krispies. Chocolate-coated goodness! We really WOULD rather have a bowl of Coco Pops.

5. Cheerios
This cereal masqueraded itself as a healthy option, because it contained the holy grail of carbs – the wholegrain. They still had a fair amount of sugar though, which meant we were more than happy to eat them as kids.