Being annoyed by typos in an email can say a lot about your personality

If you're the kind of person that can spot a typo a mile off, or seeing a grammar mistake makes your blood boil, then you're probably a bit of an introvert.

A recent study published in the journal Plos One found that certain personality types can become more aggravated when met with a grammatical error.

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The study called If You’re House Is Still Available, Send Me an Email: Personality Influences Reactions to Written Errors in Email Messages (yep, it's a long one), saw 83 volunteers evaluate emails about an online advert for a new housemate.

The emails were split into three; either a well-written application, one with spelling errors, and one with grammar errors.

The results showed that both typos and 'grammos' had a negative impact on the application email and that introverts were more likely to judge typos more harshly than extroverts.

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The authors of the study,Julie E. Boland and Robin Queen, said: "The primary contribution of the current study is the finding that personality traits influence our reactions to written errors.

"Although personality traits have been linked to variation in production, particularly the use of specific lexical items, this is the first study to show that the personality traits of listeners/readers have an effect on the overall assessment of variable language."