Beauty hack! This MUA just did her winged liner with dental floss


Liquid eyeliner is notoriously tricky to apply, so we'll take any help we can get in that area.

Instagram beauty blogger Makeup By Sugar has figured out a one-step way to flawlessly apply liquid liner, and she uses a slightly unorthodox tool to do so.


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While dental floss is usually the domain of the dental hygiene department, the MUA is giving it a new lease of life in the latest Instagram video.

The makeup lover drenches the floss in eyeliner pigment before stamping the winger shape onto the outer corner of her eyes.

Completely genius. 


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We can barely draw on one wobbly line, never mind two, se we're really loving this hack. 

The liner lover often showcases her perfect wings on her Instagram, so if it's good enough for her…