Bad news ladies, this Hollywood hottie has been snapped up!


When we lost Ryan Gosling to Eva Mendes, we thought, ‘okay, okay, at least we still have Jake Gyllenhaal’…But now it looks like he might be taken too!

The Nightcrawler actor was supposedly spotted getting up close and very personal with British actress Ruth Wilson. It was said Jake and the actress, famous for her roles in Luther and The Affair were seen kissing at The Golden Globe Awards last week.

The pair star together in Broadway play, Constellations and it seems as if some of that on-stage chemistry has found itself very much off-stage too! It was also reported that they were spotted kissing at a restaurant in New York before Christmas.

It sounds like our favourite Hollywood leading man has been snapped up right in front of our eyes! 

That said, we have to say; they look VERY good together!