Ariana Grande just made the weirdest confession ever


She may appear to be all sweetness and light, but that Ariana Grande appears to have a darker side that we never knew!

In a recent interview with Tiger Beat, the Bang Bang singer rubbished those diva rumours but admitted that she was, in fact, a very strange child.

“I was a very weird kid. I would wear masks from the horror movie Scream around the house, even on a normal day. And I would carry a hockey stick around for the longest time,” she said.

That’s not exactly how we pictured Ariana, but it seems that her obsession for horror movies led her to terrorise just about everyone around her – including one poor babysitter!

“I played a prank on one of my babysitters, and I tied her up and blindfolded her,” she added.

She certainly had a vivid imagination as a child, we’ll give her that much. Her level of intrigue definitely just went up a notch.