Ariana Grande and Big Sean will definitely not be friends


It appears that the break-up between Ariana Grande and Big Sean was messier than we thought.


A source told “Sean wants nothing to do with Ariana and has very strong negative feelings toward her. He has expressed to his friends and inner circle that he thinks she’s immature and selfish,”

“But the scary part is, it sounds like he really dislikes her so much now, that the two may never even speak again!” the source claimed.

The pair had been dating for under a year before they split.

Tensions began in February as Ariana failed to show up to one of his shows and began showing some PDA with Justin Bieber on stage.

Sources claim Big Sean probably would have stayed with her if she had put up a fight for him, but she didn't.

It looks like a reunion is definitely not on the cards for these two!