Are they back together?! Ozzy and Sharon are reportedly reuniting

So, it seems that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are getting back together. 

According to The Sun, Shar and Oz had an hour-long showdown where they let everything out in a bid to save their marriage.

Until now, Ozzy has been living away from home to give room to Sharon since it was alleged that he was being unfaithful.

After their discussion, a source told the paper: "They are talking. I am sure it'll take a bit of time."

Then, less than 24 hours later, the couple appeared together at Ozzfest, where they looked particularly happy together.

When asked about Sharon being at the event, Oz told Us Weekly: "She's my right arm. She's everything for me. She's great."

However, Sharon kinda had a different response when asked why she was at Ozzfest: "This is my business, you know? This is what I do.

"People have forgotten, because they see me every day on the chat show, but this is still the other half of my life."

Together? Separated? We're just going to have to see how this one plays out.