Amy Huberman shares touching tribute to dad as he turns 82

We are all missing our families more than ever before. As lockdown continues, some of us are now entering our tenth week of not seeing a grandparent, aunt or even our own parents. It is unbearably hard, but it is important to remember that this is for the greater good. We are doing this to save lives and to help our frontline workers, besides, us Irish always manage to find the good in a bad situation.

Cakes and flowers have been left on doorsteps, neighbours have been playing bingo from a distance and family members have sang (roared) happy birthday from car windows.

Nobody captured that Irish spirit better than Amy Huberman who made sure to make her dad's 82nd birthday special, even during lockdown.


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The actress and her two brothers had a socially distanced party for him this week.

Alongside a photo of her and her two brothers, the Finding Joy star wrote, "Happy birthday Dad. Both you and I thought you were 83 until we realized you are actually only a mere chisler of 82. It’s been so strange seeing you from afar for so long now.

"Walking around to you to wave in the window and say hi, boot skating on the path outside while you watch (daughter not me) and holding up pics and paintings for you (sometimes me). First time myself and my brothers have ever had a birthday party for you by standing 2m apart and shouting/singing happy birthday to/at you through the window. But still, things to look forward to when this is all over; a proper hug!


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She added, "But for now for your birthday you got some pretty awful singing and the knowledge you’re actually a whole year younger."

We couldn't have said it better than Amy. There is a lot to look forward to when this strange chapter comes to an end.