Amanda Seyfried’s engagement ring has totally divided the Internet


A few weeks ago, Amanda Seyfriend got engaged to Thomas Sadoski, and after only dating for six months, it's safe to say a lot of people thought it came out of the blue.

And even though we've known about her impending nuptials for a while, she's only recently started to sport her engagement ring in public… and people are having a fit over it.

Why you ask? Well, it's a simple gold band. And the Internet thinks that it's not enough. She needs a big flashy diamond, because, she is a celeb after all, right?

Nope. We don't agree with this in Shemazing! HQ, because well, who's to judge your style, and your choices? 

In the recent pictures of her posted on the world wide web, she wears the elegant gold ring proudly on her finger, and as any fan of Amanda will know, she's not into big, flashy things – whether it's her hair, her clothing choices or her nights out. She clearly likes to keep things simple.

And while we're certainly not bashing the diamond rings that most celebs wear, we're just saying that it should be the bride-to-be's choice.

It is her wedding, and engagement after all. Why criticise her?