Amanda Brunker slams Irish model for cosying up with Chris Brown


Irish TV personality, columnist and author Amanda Brunker has lashed out at Irish model Tiffany Stanley after she posed for a photo with Chris Brown and said he was a gentleman.

Brunker said that Tiffany was letting the “peroxide go to her head” if she thought the rapper was a gentleman, adding:

“Chris Brown is of course the lad who beat up Rihanna and committed many a violent crime, but sure in Tiff ‘s eyes, we seem to have all misunderstood Chris.

“I say that because the blonde bombshell also declared that the punching popstar was, ‘a gentleman’ when she met him. Quite!”

Amanda later revealed that the reason she got so angry was because she has been abused herself:

“Apologies, having been a victim of domestic violence I kinda despise Chris Brown. I wish Tiff well…”

Tiffany did not lay back and take the criticism easily though, saying:

“I really could not care less about begrudging writers who need to fill column inches with unkindness.

“Posting a picture with Max Clifford might also be considered ‘fame hungry’ by many.”

Ouch, this looks like it could get very nasty.