All over? Diane Kruger hits red carpet without Joshua yet again

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have always been a favourite celebrity couple mainly because they are always very cute with each other, they dress impeccably and they value their privacy. 

And never have they been more private than right now as they have not been photographed in each other's company for over three months. 

The pair, who have been together almost ten years, are usually snapped together at various red carpet events but Diane has been attending on her own as of late, including yesterday's amFAR gala. 

The news comes three months after Diane was allegedly caught getting questionably cosy with the Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. 

Norman plays Diane's love interest in their upcoming film entitled Sky, a flick which also happens to star Diane's partner Joshua in a smaller role. 

Joshua's dad, John Carter, has spoken to Radar Online about the split rumours. 

"They’re probably just laying low since she was seen with some guy in that pub.

"I’ve been trying to get a hold of them for four months. Josh doesn’t return calls for anybody.

"They really just don’t take calls. They’re very private. If I really want to talk to Josh, I have to go to where he is."

Numerous sources claimed to witness the actress kissing her 44-year-old co-star back in December. 

"They were laughing and having fun and then she just literally got out of her chair and straddled him," a witness said to the Daily Mail. 

"They were on top of each other. Every time I looked over, she was on him, or he was on her."

We really hope that this isn't the end for these two.