Aldi launches Folding Bike as Ireland embraces cycling

As Ireland emerges from lockdown, one thing that has become evident is Ireland’s love of all things cycling. Bicycle shops across the nation are sold out of all bikes as a huge portion of the population turned to cycling as a way of spending more time outdoors whilst also staying closer to home.

Aldi has recognized the demand for all things bicycle related and will be selling a Folding Bike (€349.99) in 142 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, August 6.

A folding bike is any bicycle that is designed to fold down into a more compact form, making it easier to carry, store away, or fit into areas that you normally can’t take a regular bike. They are multimodal bikes, as you can transport them from the boot of your car to the train or bus and then cycle the rest of the way!

So you can now get out and about without having to worry where to leave your bike! Features include:

  • Black/grey matt bike with folding pedals and alloys with magnetic knobs for easy collapse.
  • Reflectors on pedals, mudguard and tyres.
  • Includes Bell, Pump, Kickstand and Carrying Bag.

 The above product will be on sale for €349.99 in 142 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, August 6.