Adorable toddler gets ticketed while ‘cruising’ in toy car


Toddler Za’Dariyah Mishaw is bound to be the youngest person to be pulled over by the cops, and she wasn’t even in a real car at the time.

The two-year-old girl from Jacksonville, Florida, was driving her small pedal car outside her apartment complex when a police cruiser pulled into the car park with its blue lights flashing.

The stunt was all a bit of fun by a few good-natured officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office who were responding to a call at the same apartment complex where Za’Dariyah lives with her family.

During a heart-melting moment, Officer Christian Velasco took out his citation book and handed little Za’Dariyah a ticket.

The two-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida may have to do some extra chores to pay off the $4 ticket but her mum says the scribbling she has been making on the ticket won’t be held against her in court.

“Everybody has a bad perception of the police … and the police were real nice when they came along,” said the girl’s uncle Keyth Mishaw, who took photos of his niece’s first ‘ticket’ and sent them to First Coast News.