Adorable duo enjoy holiday bromance

Adorable duo enjoy holiday bromance


Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have been sharing their New York shenanigans with fans through a series of social media updates.

The two successful actors posted yet another fun shot for their Twitter followers.

The pair was pictured sitting on either side of Santa during their break, with both sporting bowler hats, festive attire and playful smiles.

The comment which accompanied the shot reads: “Father Christmas! #gogodidionnyc @TwoPlaysInRep.”

A number of other festive images have flooded their Twitter feeds over the past few days. Each one contains the @TwoPlaysInRep tag, which is a reference to their joint appearance in Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land as well as Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot.

Another shows them standing in front of a huge Christmas tree, wearing the bowler hats once again, proving that it has been a recurrent theme for the two men.

However, one of the most memorable shots posted by Stewart – and then retweeted by McKellen – sees the two jogging side by side across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The two stars have received rave reviews for their Broadway performances, giving us yet another reason to wish we were in New York.