Actress left red-faced as it’s revealed she faked her Instagram snaps


Spanish actress Anna Allen has been caught out…badly.

Anna, who stars in many Spanish TV shows and films, superimposed a photo of herself at the Oscars and even altered Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscars invitation snap to make it looks like her own.

This wasn’t the first year Anna has done this however, as last year’s superimposed photos were not caught out…until now. Spanish news outlets began to report the actress’ deception and it didn’t take long for her Instagram account to disappear.

It wasn’t just the Oscars Anna has been Photoshoppng however as another photo of what looks like her posing with the cast of The Big Bang Theory was actually revealed to be the body of actress Summer Glau.

It has also been reported that the actress stole a number of images from Sophia Bush’s Instagram account and treated them as her own..oops!

The story has now become something of a viral story in Spain with memes of the actress superimposed into iconic photos taking over Twitter.