Accidental overdose killed former child star


The cause of death of former child star Skye McCole Bartusiak has been revealed.

The actress was found dead at her home in Texas back in July. She was aged just 21.

At the time it was thought her death could be linked to a medical history of epileptic seizures, but a new report shows the cause of death as "an accidental mix of painkillers and muscle relaxants".

The results also showed evidence of difluroethane in her system – an inhalant found in household products which is used to get high by "huffing."

Skye's body was found by her boyfriend in the garage apartment next to her parents' Houston home. She was sitting up in bed, leading her mother to believe she may have had a seizure and choked.

The young woman was best known for her role alongside Mel Gibson in The Patriot in 2000, aged seven. Her mother described her as "a kind and really beautiful girl" who had "lived such an amazing life."