‘A role model’: Stacey Solomon praised for body positive photo

A lot of damaging advice is being shared online about gaining weight during lockdown. The pressure to stay slim and not to eat too many biscuits is weighing heavily on many women’s shoulders and it has to stop. We’re currently going through a global pandemic and the last thing someone needs to fret about is whether or not they’ve gained a few pounds.

We are all drained from worrying and if eating a Kit Kat is going to give us a little bit of joy then so be it. Our social feeds are full of jokes about post-lockdown bodies and fitness gurus sharing their tips on how to workout at home. There’s enough negativity in the world without being forced to workout because you ate a few biscuits.

Thankfully, Stacey Solomon has lifted our spirits by posting a natural bikini photo. The mum-of-three is always beautifully honest and body positive. She’s been a source of inspiration for many of us over the past few years, but now more than ever.


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The presenter looked as happy as ever as she played with her youngest son Rex in the pool. Stacey donned a gorgeous white two-piece and she looks absolutely stunning, because she looks real. She isn’t posing, the image isn’t edited and there’s no intense message about how one should look in a swimsuit.

“I hope you’re all ok today…Thinking always of all of those unable to be locked down at home with their families because they’re fighting for us to survive. You’ll never know how grateful we are to have you in the world. Thank g-d for you. Our Heroes, we will be clapping tonight and always,” she wrote alongside the image.


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Her followers were quick to praise her for the natural snap, “You literally make my day with your stories, I’ve been really struggling with anxiety but seeing your stories makes me smile and feel a little better so thank you.”

“What a lovely pic!!! Wish I had your confidence!!” another wrote.

“Love your Instagram account and I love how honest , down to earth [you are] A real role model to women and young ladies and I adore your positive body image, you look great,” another shared.

Body positivity is essential at a time like this, which is why we adore Stacey so much.