A definitive ranking of the best pancake toppings

Are you old-school or a little bit hipster when it comes to your pancake toppings? Do you eat the same pancake topping your mammy gave you when you were a kid or have you tried something ‘new’ over the years?

Here’s our definitive ranking of pancake toppings:

1. Nutella
Whether it’s with marshmallows, strawberries or banana (what’s wrong with you?) Nutella is the clear winner. The way it melts slowly on a warm pancake is nothing short of magic.

2. Lemon and sugar
Ah, the pancake of our childhoods before Nutella came along and still very much a part of the Irish Pancake Tuesday conscience. Whether you get yours from a Jiff lemon or are posh and go for real lemons, lemon and sugar is still a winner in our eyes.

3. Maple syrup and bacon
This combination is a serious win from the other side of the Atlantic – and one that is really growing on us here. Alas, it’s not the same with a good ol’ fashioned Irish rasher and so streaky bacon must be used, but it’s worth the extra eye-scan in the supermarket.  

4. Golden Syrup
That tin of golden goodness from your childhood that was impossible to open is now much more easily attained in a squeezy bottle. And it still tastes as good – especially on a pancake.

5. Savoury
Ever had a savoury pancake? You should – they’re amazing! From fillings of ham and cheese to feta and sundried tomatoes – if the croissant can do it, then why not the pancake?!

Happy Pancake Tuesday, people of Ireland!