‘You make mistakes’ Ozzy addresses THOSE ongoing cheating rumours

In May of this year, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne announced that they were splitting up after 33 years of marriage. 

Rumours circulated that that the Black Sabbath frontman had an affair, ultimately causing the high profile split. 

However, it would seem as though the famous couple are giving their marriage another chance. 

While on Good Morning America this week, Ozzy shared the news that himself and Sharon were back together, telling viewers that "we are married, all is good." 

When asked about the affair that caused the split, Ozzy explained that "you just, you make mistakes, and you learn by your mistakes, I think," before referring to his cheating as "a bump in the road."

The 67-year-old bat-eating rocker added, "Some days it’s good, some days it’s terrible, some days you just drift apart for a while. But you get back on the horse, you know."

Let's hope this all works out!