A bomb threat causes South Dublin school to evacuate


It has been reported that staff and students belonging to a south Dublin secondary school had to be evacuated from the premises today following a possible bomb threat, which was investigated by the Gardaí.

After a number of phone calls were made, indicating that there might have been an explosive device at St Mac Dara's Community College in Templeogue, the Gardaí were notified and students were sent home for the day.

While it wasn’t deemed necessary to evacuate the school, the school officials made an executive decision to evacuate with the hopes to reopen tomorrow once they’ve been given the all clear.

Following these bomb threat reports, Gardaí have been searching the school vigorously with trained sniffer dogs, and have yet to find any proof that there might have been an explosive device, with the search still ongoing.

Following the search at the school, an investigation will be launched into the legitimacy of the threatening phone calls.