9 times the world just couldn’t cope with Kanye West


Kanye West is truly a law unto himself, but even when he's at his worst, for some reason we still can't help but love him!

Here are nine times the rapper was just too Kanye West for his own good…

1. The original and best – that time he interrupted poor Taylor on stage at the Grammys
"I'mma let you finish, but…"

2. That time he attempted to do the same to poor aul Beck
Round two.

3. That time he showed what happiness meant to him
Kim laughed, at least.

4. That time he explained everything in one sentence
It's all clear now.

5. That time he had the ultimate comeback for this heckler

6. That time he casually claimed to be Jesus
All hail Yeezy.

7. That time he was the dictionary definition of "modest"
So humble.

8. That time he explained why he can't hang out with us plebs
He just can't do small talk, y'see.

9. That time he spoke about his musical heroes