8 times we were insanely jealous of Taylor Swift’s celeb friendships


There are certain celebrities that we just KNOW we'd get on so well with, if we could only meet them. Emma Stone, we're looking at you.

If there's one celebrity that has managed to cover a lot of ground when forming new friendships, it's Taylor Swift. We're sure she's a lovely girl and all that, but how can one person have so many BFFs?!

Here are some of the times we were especially envious of Taylor's friend-making prowess…

1. That time her and Karlie Kloss were the queens of the Victoria's Secret catwalk
Ok, we wouldn't look quite as good in a leotard and cape, but we could still have had a GREAT time.

2. That time she and Emma Stone just cuddled and had the chats
But we love to cuddle! Sadface.

3. That time she snapped her Dad casually strolling around with the Haim sisters

4. That time she and Lorde took a cookery class together
WHY did no-one invite us?

5. That time her and Ed Sheeran drank tea from cups tailored to their personalities.
This one makes us especially jealous because we love tea, and we love Ed Sheeran.

6. That time Beyoncé and Jay-Z rocked up to her 25th birthday party
Can't even.

7. That time the "whole team" hung out at Sarah Hyland's party
The "team" includes Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Kelly Osbourne and Hailee Steinfeld, BTW. In case you weren't envious enough.

8. That time she and Lena Dunham made flower crowns together
This is too much for our little hearts.