7 signs you’re the only singleton in your group


We all have stages in life when we find ourselves going it alone, doing our own thing, flying the flag for single ladies everywhere and we're completely OK with that! Then there are those other times where our single status seems to DEFINE us, right? 

Ever experienced any of these classic 'singleton' moments?

1) Your friends are talking about their boyfriend’s annoying ‘male’ habits and you realise all your anecdotes revolve around the only males in your life right now; your dad and your brother.

2) You’ve gone out with your favourite couple so many times that you start to think Date Night is automatically MEANT to include you. You went to the new Italian? Without me?

3) You’ve stopped making the requisite third wheel joke now because 238 times in a row isn’t funny.

4) You endure the horror of being set-up by a well-meaning couple…a well-meaning drunk couple…who really, really want one night on the sofa watching Love/Hate without you.

5) Being told relationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be after witnessing your friend’s boyfriend find her glasses, make her tea and squeeze her hand in the most tender and non puke-worthy PDA ever. TELL IT TO THE JUDGE!

6) You inadvertently become the group’s Carrie Bradshaw train wreck. At dinner, when six couples have their arms around each other, you take centre-stage, wine sloshing over your wrist while your Dating Disaster tales are met with gales of laughter. Am I being pitied or revered right now?

7) You can expect one call a week from a downtrodden friend bemoaning their relationship, the lull in their sex-life and the fact Steve has yet again forgotten that every second Thursday is Shellac day.

Unfortunately though, you can’t chat for too long. There’s a bar, five single friends waiting for you and a new dress that needs an outing.
Can you include this week’s information in next week’s ‘Why Steve is the worst boyfriend ever’ call? ZING!