Tune in! 6 podcasts by Irish POC you just need to listen to

To listen is to learn… but it is also to laugh and to be entertained, especially when it comes to podcasts. The following 6 pods are all about the experiences of Black individuals and POC in Ireland. Check them out to find your next podcast obsession…

1. Éalú


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Hosted by Maïa, Esther and Karen, Éalú is an independent podcast about the experiences of POC in an Irish context. They have hosted some amazing guests like Belfast-based designer Karishma Kusurkar and activist Áine Mulloy. From themes like racial ambiguity, white saviourism and hate crime to representation in Irish media, this is an essential pod for creatives and critical thinkers. Listen to this insightful podcast here today and be sure to follow them on Insta @ealuofficial.

2. The OhMan Podcast


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Refreshing, honest and hilarious – this podcast is hosted by a couple of Nigerian-Irish lads who share their ‘past, present and future experiences’ with their listeners. In the latest episode, Scofield, Ajiks, Shay and Toyosi discuss the brutal murder of George Floyd, riots vs peaceful protests and their personal experiences with racism Ireland.

This much-loved pod has been going for three years now and continues to do the trick for those who want to learn and laugh at all once. Listen to the OhMan Podcast, here and follow them on Insta @ohmanpodcast.

3. The Black and Bold Podcast


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Religion, relationships and growing up in Ireland are some of the topics discussed in the Black and Bold podcast, hosted by Britney and Leslie. The girls chat honestly and openly, giving advice and sharing the perspectives of their guests. They are passionate about everything that is going on in the world right now and really know how to entertain! Click here to have a listen and follow them on Insta @blackandboldpodcast

4. Pints of Malt


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Kenny, Charlie, Jibbz and Femi are three Nigerian-Irish mates who chat about everything from childhood memories, to politics to pop culture. In their latest episode, the lads give their take on the recent tearing down and defacing of problematic statues, such as those of slave owners and known racists. If you are looking for something absolutely gas yet informative at the same time, Pints of Malt is the pod for you. Follow @pintsofmalt on Instagram for more.

5. Box’d Out


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This podcast is all about ‘daring to have those conversations that nobody else dares to have’. Hosted by creator and activist Amanda Adé, the topics discussed aim to breakdown social and religious boundaries and give a voice to diverse perspectives. The latest episode deals with racism in Ireland and how the idea that racial bias is an American problem, is so very false. This episode is definitely an essential listen, as are the other four in the current season with discussions like toxic masculinity in the black community and modern relationships. Follow the gorgeous host @ the_amanda_ade for more and listen to this excellent podcast, here.

6. The JuSe


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From misogyny to marriage in the modern-day, this podcast is where real-talk happens. The JuSe is hosted by Juru and Seun, two ‘unfiltered best friends’ who share truths about friendships, culture family and more. Their latest episode discusses the unjust killings of Geore Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and the emotional and mental toll it has taken on the black community. Listen, learn and love this honest pod, here.