5 ways to spice up a black outfit


If you have a black outfit that could do with a bit of spicing up, you’ve come to the right place!

With these tips, you can give a boring outfit an eye-catching and colorful look:

Belt it up

Since there are so many types of belts to choose from, you can go as crazy as you want with this! A waist belt will show off your feminine physique and a belt will keep things classy.

Add a scarf

We’re sure you have plenty of these lying around your house. Add a bright scarf to a boring outfit and watch how quickly your whole look changes.

Bright shoes

Of course, the shoes a woman wears can say a lot about them. A unique pair will make you and your not so boring outfit memorable.

Wear a hat

A hat can do wonders to a plain outfit. Show off a bit of personality with your favorite hat.

Statement jewellery

Nothing catches the eye like a nice chunky piece of bling. As long as all your jewellery matches, you’re good to go!