5 rules for perfect eyeliner


Using eyeliner is a great way to bring some attention to your eyes without making too much of an effort.

Here are tips for applying eyeliner properly:

Use a gel liner
A good quality gel liner will give you a dark matte look. Applying it with an angled brush will give you a neat finish.

Don’t rush it
One little slip and you’ll have to start over so make sure you take your time if you want a flawless finish.

Line your inner rims
If you want to make your eyes appear smaller, you can line your inner rims with dark eyeliner. This will give you a sexy, smouldering look.

Prevent smudging
Use waterproof eyeliner and top it up with black eye shadow so that the liner stays put.

Don’t leave it on overnight
If you leave your liner on overnight, you risk irritating your eyes. Even worse, you could wake up with panda eyes and black smudges all over your pillows.