5 films you’re ashamed to admit you like

We can blame it on the time or our age but there some films that we shouldn’t like, but still do:

Coyote Ugly
This made us feel old but this teen movie is over 10 years old. The story wasn’t great, the singing wasn’t great and we can’t forget the questionable dancing, but it did produce the LeAnn Rimes hit, Can’t Fight the Moonlight.

Spice World
Who didn’t want to ‘Spice up their life,’ when the biggest girl band in the world decided to release their own movie. The plot and acting wasn’t great but even still, it’s hard to deny that it didn’t give you some laughs.

The Blair Witch Project
Some still maintain that this is the scariest film of all time but the majority will probably remember it for the not-so-flattering angles of a runny noses.

Mamma Mia!
Who knew a film full of big names would actually have so little singing or dancing talent? However, you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit to singing along to those ABBA hits.

Crossroads was the time old tale of how Britney was not a girl but also not yet a woman. You may also recognise some other familiar faces in this questionable road trip classic.