34 things to do when the internet goes down


1. Turn the ‘wireless connection’ on your laptop on and off five times

2. Restart the modem

3. Restart the wireless router

4. Restart your computer

5. Repeat steps 1-4 twice

6. Why is the wireless still connected on your phone?

7. Restart the router

8. Decide to watch Netflix instead

9. Remember you need Internet for Netflix

10. Check to see if there’s any Internet you can steal


11. Try “0000” as a password for all the available WiFis

12. Try “password” as a password for all the available WiFis

13. Restart your computer

14. Open iTunes

15. Go to the iTunes store

16. (Doesn’t work)

17. Decide this is The Time You Will Finally Do That Thing You’ve Been Meaning to Do

18. Realize you can’t do that thing without the Internet to get you started

19. Restart your computer

20. Restart the router

21. Check the lights on the internet thingies

22. See if maybe Safari works

23. Turn off computer

24. Call your provider and listen to them say that it’s alright on their ‘end’

25. Decide that it’s time for an early lunch/dinner

26. Maybe try and read a book

27. Consider going out for drinks

28. Text three friends asking if they’re going out

29. When they all say yes, realize you have no desire to go out and tell them all never mind

30. Turn back on your computer

31. Repeat steps 1-4 again

32. Attempt to use your phone as a hotspot

33. Throw laptop against the wall.

34. Attempt to piece together your laptop after the internet comes back


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