10 things that are total deal-breakers on a first date!


First dates can be the height of awkwardness at the best of times, but certain things are just complete no-nos.

Here are a few situations that would have us running for the hills!

1. He shows up late
We’ll allow five or ten minutes, sure, but showing up any later than that is just plain rude. Especially if we’ve been waiting in a bar or restaurant by ourselves, paranoid that everyone thinks we’ve been stood up!

2. Even worse, he shows up drunk
Yes, we might have had a glass (or two) of wine while getting ready, but nothing that would take us into “drunk” territory. Slurring words is a total passion killer.

3. He spends all his time checking Facebook
If you can’t manage to be polite and put the phone away for our first ever date, that doesn’t look good for the future. See ya buddy!

4. He talks constantly about the past
And by “the past” we of course mean “his ex.” If you’re still on the rebound, stick to drunken hook-ups, not dates!

5. He looks literally nothing like his pictures (if you two met online)
Yes, your profile picture is allowed to be a flattering picture, but if it’s actually you ten years ago/ten stone lighter, that’s just lying.

6. He’s the designated driver
If you’ve got the car and can’t drink, don’t suggest a bar for your first date! An afternoon coffee or a cool restaurant for dinner will be much less awkward for both parties.

7. He’s too nervous or insecure
A few nerves are to be expected on a first date, but if he’s visibly awkward about small things like a simple goodnight kiss, it doesn’t bode well for your relationship down the line! If he’s a nice guy it’s worth giving him a second chance, but definitely not a third!

8. He doesn’t at least offer to pay
He might be hoping to God you’ll want to go 50/50, but it’s nice to make a point of offering to pay first – a girl likes to feel special!

9. He’s already decided you’re The One
There’s nothing like the smell of desperation to drive a new girl away. Sure, we’ve probably texted all our friends from the bathroom to say “this is my future husband” but at least we kept it quiet!

10. He’s too pushy
It’s the first date. Unless you’ve both decided this is just a casual fling, sex is most definitely NOT expected. If he acts like you’re being a prude by not going home with him, ditch him. Now!