10 simple ways to know payday is just around the corner!


Every month we tell ourselves it will be different, but every month it’s the same.

Sometimes it’s through no fault of our own and other times it’s most definitely our own fault.

Girls, we’re talking here about the inevitable ‘last week before payday’ panic.

Some weeks you might just have a lot of unavoidable outgoings; gym membership, doctor’s appointments, car insurance, birthday dinners, wedding presents – all of which leave you scrimping, saving and longing for the moment you can check your bank balance without cringing.

And then there are the other months you just couldn’t resist that tartan cape, spent three weeks living off instant noodles as a result and didn’t even THINK about logging into your online banking.

Here are ten ways to know that payday is just around the corner

1. Your public transport fund can only be found down the side of the couch or in the pockets of old handbags.

Two euro and… a button!

2. You pretend to scoff at the idea of a takeaway coffee and an almond croissant.

But you're fooling no one.

3. You consider a plate of fried onions and three pasta shells a legitimate dinner.

Add salt to taste.

4. You wait for the three cent change you’re due when purchasing an ‘Eat in the next twelve seconds or die’ sandwich.

I’ll thank you not to judge me.

5. You glance at old bus tickets you come across in case there’s any change on them.

Possession is nine tenths of the law.

6. You wonder about the credit union account your parents opened for you when you were little.

Didn’t I have a supersaver squirrel account or something when I was six, mam?

7. The idea of casual midweek drinks is actually laughable.


8. Necessities like toothpaste and facewash suddenly become luxury items.

I’ll just use this old bar of soap that’s been here since I moved in, I suppose.

9. You question your past shopping habits and find yourself horrified by your choices.

I spent 88 euro on accessories in Penneys and I have no food to eat?

10. You spend the hours leading up to your wages hitting your account writing lists of all the unnecessary beverages, accessories and jackets you’re going to buy.

And the cycle continues.