Why make the switch from glasses to contacts?


Why make the switch from glasses to contacts?

If you have been contemplating a switch from buying traditional prescription glasses to buy contact lenses online, you may be on the fence about the pros and cons of each option. Glasses can be stylish, but you’d be surprised to find that contacts are a better choice and here’s a few reasons why:

If you have glasses, you know that they can be a nuisance. They slip down the bridge of your nose, the hinges eventually wear out and become loose, and after a year or so, the prescription goes out of date, and you will get constant headaches. These problems don’t exist with contacts – there are no frames to damage or lose and because you refill your prescription every year or so, you never have to worry about headaches.

With online shopping and delivery, getting contacts has never been easier. Not only can you buy contact lenses online, you can also create a schedule of delivery so you always have a new pair available. No more trips to a glasses store to find a semi-stylish pair – you can simply take a picture of your prescription, order contacts, and move on with your busy schedule.
In addition, your trips to the eye doctor will improve dramatically with contacts. You have an up-to-date prescription on the contact packaging, which cuts down the visit time significantly. You also do not have to wait for the optometrist to adjust your frames for eyesight changes – order with your new prescription online, and you’re done.

If you’ve been looking to get fit, you know that glasses can hinder any dreams of going to the gym. Not only do they limit your depth of vision, making sports like basketball and volleyball difficult, but they also require constant adjustment due to movement and sweat. With contacts, you don’t have to worry about moving clunky frames around or your depth of vision since they lay directly on your eye. Contacts are a must if you lead an active lifestyle, and once you try a workout without glasses, you’ll never want to go back.

While glasses can provide some style with fashionable frames, contacts provide much more flexibility in your outfits and in your purchasing decisions. If you must wear glasses, you’re limited by the style of your frames, whether they are modern, vintage, or somewhere in-between. With contacts, you have a greater range of options when it comes to clothing styles. In addition, without frames blocking your eyes, accessories become much easier to wear. You can add fashionable sunglasses, faux frames, and hair accessories that would be uncomfortable or impossible with traditional eyeglasses.

Pricing is also an issue when deciding between glasses and contact lenses. A 6-pack of lenses will set you back around $60 dollars, while a lower-end pair of glasses costs around $80 dollars. This is not including adjustments that must be made to glasses every time your prescription changes, like lens replacements. With contacts, you simply replace your lenses every month, and when you’re out, you order a new pack with the correct prescription. Depending on your brand of contact lens, they can be more cost-effective than glasses.

Even if you have glasses right now, making the switch to contact lenses is a great way to improve your lifestyle. Not only are they more comfortable, but the ease of purchase and their price point make contact lenses a great alternative to traditional eyeglasses.