We’re obsessed with this Vegan Kraft Paper Backpack from Doshi


We’re obsessed with this Vegan Kraft Paper Backpack from Doshi

Top 5 reasons why Doshi is the Vegan Bag Brand you need to know about.

  • Material: Most “vegan” companies use a cheap leather alternative called PU which has been used forever. Companies trying to jump on the vegan bandwagon are falsely calling it vegan leather. It isn’t durable and cracks and peels over time. Doshi uses a microfiber based vegan leather which is the best alternative to animal leather. The non-woven microfiber has a structure that mimics animal leather which makes it long lasting and feel amazing. It’s also often made by eco-conscious factories as well.
  • Factories: Do you want your vegan bag to come from a high end boutique factories or low end mass market factories? Doshi works with high end factories that use better hardware, eco-friendly glues, and who pay a lot of attention to detail.

  • Handmade: Yes, machines are going to take over the world but until then, why not get your products with a little human touch? While the fast fashion world moves towards mass machine manufacturing, every Doshi handbag is handmade by craftsman in small to medium sized, family owned factories. Every single handbag is inspected (by humans!) before it leaves the factory floor.
  • Ethics: Doshi visits the factories where they manufacture goods. They look for clean factories where they learn about workers’ well-being and facilities provided for them. They look for certifications to show social compliance and have all of their factories BSCI (Business and Social Compliance) audited.
  • Eco-Friendly: When most people think of vegan leather, they think plastic. Plastic is not good. It’s actually single use plastic that’s the biggest problem. Animal leather is not ecofriendly at all. There’s deforestation, resources used to feed animals, animal waste, water usage, and crazy chemical pollution from tanneries. Adding it all up, vegan leather is better for the environment than animal leather. Doshi takes it a step further. They’re pushing past the idea of just using leather looking materials in fashion. They started using materials like Kraft paper (yes paper!) which is durable, won’t break down when it’s wet and which can be recycled. They’re also constantly looking for a better material. Their long term goal is to find a material that’s beautiful, durable, and biodegradable.


Not only does Doshi make cute vegan bags, they make vegan backpacksvegan briefcases, vegan belts and vegan wallets… (omg what’s left), they’re basically a one stop vegan shop!