UK Travel Recommendations For 2022


It is common to have several doubts about the chosen destination when traveling, especially if it is the first international trip. Each country has its peculiarities, customs, laws, and ways of life, so the more informed you are about where you are going, the better. We’ve separated valuable tips for anyone going to the UK for the first time with that in mind. Check out the list below and make the most of your stay in the Land of the Queen!

Places To Visit In The Uk

Every city, town, and village in the UK has its attractions. You’ll find things to do, museums to visit, and sightseeing wherever you go! Here, we’ve listed five places you can’t include on your list.


Of course, you can’t miss London! Capital of England (and the United Kingdom), the city is one of the busiest and most multicultural in the world. If you’re traveling in Chistmas times, you’ll be able to visit the wonderful yearly Christmas markets around the city.

And if you want to get away from the obvious, you can enjoy a game night in London. The Hippodrome Casino is located in London on Cranbourn Street. It is the most significant and best-known casino in the city, so it is always full of life. It has four gaming-only floors, including a live PokerStars tournament, plus a restaurant, music hall for 180 people, 6 bars, and a terrace for smokers. For those who want to start playing games at home, get to know the promotions from your choice of casinos in the UK.

Visit sumptuous Buckingham Palace and stroll through the surrounding parks for those looking for a more classic trip. The London Underground is a great and safe option for getting around the city; you can also walk or rent a bicycle to ride the city’s cycle paths.


Known as one of the most charming historic cities in the UK, York is home to York Minster Cathedral and the Coppergate Viking Center, a museum on Viking life. You will absorb culture from all corners of the city. To make the experience entirely British, spend an afternoon at Betty’s Tea Room for delicious English tea.


The beautiful city of Oxford is located just an hour from London and is home to Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. You can visit the institution’s various academic faculties, shop at multiple stores, visit the Christ Church Cathedral church, and visit incredible nature reserves.

What Do You Need To Know About Travel To The Uk?

Up-to-date vaccination

The country does not ask for a visa for entry, but it is necessary to be up to date with vaccinations since the coronavirus. The UK uses several vaccines, some specific countries ask for certain vaccines, but it is possible to take them on arrival and quarantine them in a hotel.

Tax Refund

When shopping in the UK, in many cases, you are entitled to a refund of part of the tax paid for products purchased in the UK, the so-called VAT (Value added tax).

Are eligible to receive to those who:

Live outside the UK and Europe;

Leave the UK and Europe with purchased goods for up to three months after purchase;

When leaving the UK or Europe, show customs the goods purchased, receipts for each, and a VAT refund form completed and authenticated by the shop.

Some items are non-refundable, and there is a daily minimum purchase amount for a refund, so keep an eye out.

Best Transport

The train is an excellent way to travel, but it can be a little expensive. Companies usually give discounts for those who buy the ticket in advance. If riding the train is the most practical way for you, a good option is to buy the season ticket, which gives you unlimited access to trains for a specified time. For long journeys and trains, there are coaches, which are similar to our travel buses.

Students and those under 25 years old can purchase a Railcard Card, with which it is possible to have discounts on the value of the tickets.

Buses are a practical way to travel short distances, as taxis are often expensive. To travel around the city by bus, you can buy a ticket with the driver or have a travel card and Oyster card. There is also the option to purchase a season ticket if your stay is extended. Find out about prices and see which pays the most, depending on how long you plan to stay.

Cycling is also a great option, but before venturing like this in an unknown city, it’s essential to read the Highway Code and check the safe routes.


Each of the tips we’ve given here can be used any time of year. The UK has a few cold months, but summer reaches high temperatures and is excellent for seeing the country’s warmer climates. And if it’s winter, don’t worry, the landscapes are even more beautiful with snow.