The P&G Effect


SHEmazing PandGWe have to admit, Procter & Gamble’s latest campaign has changed the way we to do our beauty and household shopping!

The P&G Effect campaign has been launched to inform Irish consumers of the impressive science stories behind every-day P&G brands and showcases the value they bring to our lives.

P&G spends a staggering €2billion per year on research and development and there are many decades of science behind every single brand, making them amazing value for money.

Just look at all the effort that going in to making Pantene haircare!

– Pantene’s Research & Development community has more PHD scientists than the combined research faculty of MIT, Berkeley and Stanford – Wow!

– An atomic force microscope (AFM) like the one NASA has used to study the surface of Mars was used by Pantene to study the surface of the hair, to better understand how different hair fibres react with different ingredients, depending on their physical structure

– The methodology used to develop Pantene won a Nobel prize

And all we’re normally concerned about is how it makes our hair smell and feel!

The same goes for beauty products. Many of the girls in SHEmazing! HQ are guilty of not taking as much care of our skin as we should. After reading the below facts about Olay, luckily the scientists at P&G are doing all the hard work for us!

– Olay Professional is a new range of skin care products specifically designed and formulated with Olay scientists and world-leading independent dermatology experts

– Today Olay scientists are using the most advanced gene chip technologies and monitoring 9.4 million gene changes in a single experiment

– To fully realize skincare potential, Olay scientists collaborated with renowned international experts in dermatology, clinical methods, biochemistry and molecular biology to form the ‘Olay Professional Alliance for Skin Care Innovation’

logo isolated layeredAnd for those who don’t think science is sexy, read these facts and imagine how much fun you’d have working in Gillette! It’s nice to know P&G are minding our men as well as we are!

– Every day up to 80 men shave at the Gillette R&D site to better understand shaving habits and skin.

– Gillette razor blades are sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel

– Beard hair is as strong as copper wire

Eh, where can we apply?

P.S. It’s official your man was right and you do not need to use his razor ever! The Gillette and Gillette Venus teams share science and technology to ensure our we get the very best of their sexy science developments too!

The P&G Effect is a nationwide campaign which runs until December 2014 in participating retailers nationwide. #PGeffect