The latest jewelry trends this winter

The Latest Jewelry Trends This Winter (2020)

People have accessorized to enhance their outfits for centuries. Different jewelry gives individuals the chance to express their emotions and character in a way nothing else does. They can completely change the meaning of any get-up. From statement pieces to small items, many trends are going around in the wake of a new decade. Here is a look at the top ones.

Necklace Trends

– Statement Pieces
The fashion industry has seen a fair share of big statement pieces, and it is not over yet. Many women love to put on dramatic necklaces that catch everyone’s attention with one look. There is an unlimited number of options in this category, but people go for something that defines them.
– Layers
Layered necklaces were pretty big at one time, but they soon became old news. Good news for the layer lovers; they are back. Ladies are hitting stores around the world looking for their favorite dainty pieces, and they also come in larger designs. Urban Accessories is among the online stores that are dominating the market.
– Chains
One of the best necklace styles currently on the up and up would be the chain. They are quickly gaining popularity because they can go with almost anything. Anyone can rock their preferred size of chain around their neck with any outfit. They come in all sorts of shades and different styles.
– Choker
Chokers caught a lot of attention when they first arrived. People were quite surprised until they tried it out on their own. They quickly gained a lot of popularity among women of all ages. They even had a short stint in guy’s collections. They are back again, but bigger and more sparkly this time around.
– Colored Stones
Many women weren’t big fans of chokers because they looked gothic, were too big, or just didn’t match their personalities. They might want to try out a fancy choker with stones. There are many different colors on the market. They go with various outfits and can really accentuate certain features.

Earring Trends

– Hoops
Hoops have been trending for a good while, and they are still on top. Everybody loves them. However, there have been some changes. They have gotten bigger, chunkier, and more stylish. They allow hoop-lovers to choose variations while still rocking them.
– Mismatched
These are one of the boldest styles going around. Wearing a pair of earrings that don’t exactly match takes a lot of confidence. But they look fantastic. First-timers can go for a pair that has already been mismatched by a good company instead of trying out their own combinations.
– Shoulder Length
Everyone was really excited when they saw models walking the runway wearing earrings that came down to their shoulders. It was no surprise that people started wearing them as soon as they hit the market. They are incredibly beautiful and different from the usual designs. They come in many different styles to match everyone’s unique personalities.

The most significant trend that never seems to fade would be pearls. They have been big for the past two centuries, and they continue to take the spotlight. No matter the season, size, shape, or event, they seem to be a people favorite. They don’t have to be incredibly classy necklaces or bracelets only worn to high-class events, pearls can also be more abstract and interesting.

One of the classiest fashion pieces is back once again. Women all over the world loved to wear brooches on their jackets, coats, or other articles of clothing, as either a glamorous statement or chic influence. With a little digging around the internet, it shouldn’t be tough to find a piece that matches any kind of outfit. There are also some guides on how to wear them.