Ten times Ryan Gosling was officially the man of our dreams

Ryan Gosling turns 34 today, and if anything we reckon he's getting better with age.

If he wasn't such a doting boyfriend to Eva Mendes, we'd be waiting around for him to sweep us off our feet pretty soon.

Here are just ten times Ryan was most definitely the man of our dreams…

1. The time he smooched Rachel McAdams like a pro
We definitely have a soft spot for Notebook-era Ryan, especially this steamy kiss in the rain:

2. The time he competed in a cuteness competition with a puppy
At least that's what we're assuming was going on here:

If one pooch isn't enough, check out Ryan posing with his adorable dog George. Two beauties!

3. The time he needed someone (us) to fix his bowtie
Confused Ryan is definitely a favourite of ours

4. The time he whispered sweet (friendly) nothings to Michelle Williams
Whisper to us, Ryan!

5. The time he brought his mum and sister to the Oscars
Rather than showing up with a hot Hollywood lady on his arm, Ryan invited his mum Donna and sister Marni to the 2007 Academy Awards. What a keeper.

6. The time he broke up a fight in New York
We'd take Ryan over Clark Kent any day.


7. The time he was a stone cold hottie in Crazy Stupid Love
We know he was full of arrogance and cockiness, but we kinda loved him for it.

8. The time he was all intense and angry on stage
As well as being a successful actor and a beautiful specimen of a man, Ryan is also a talented musician and has his own band called Dead Man's Bones. Is there anything he can't do?

9. The time he was the perfect boyfriend to Eva Mendes
And now he's the perfect dad too *sobs*

10. The time he let his abs do all the work

Happy birthday Ryan!