He promoted himself as a 20-something millionaire who was happy to splash the cash on designer watches, expensive champagne and private jets.

Vladimir Wilson even appeared on MTV’s Judge Geordie, ITV’s Girlfriends, and had a slot on Channel 5’s Britain’s Flashiest Families lined up for later this year.

Yet today, he was exposed as an unemployed hoaxer who has racked up significant debts in his bid to be seen as a partying playboy.

The now 27-year-old had claimed he amassed €8m hitting the lotto jackpot aged just 19, and used his supposed winnings to gain access to exclusive A-lister clubs and bars in London. He even claimed he and singer Ariana Grande were friends.

The Sun, however, explains that the reality is rather different: Vladimir is, in fact, an out-of-work salesman who lives in a shared flat.

Appearing on Judge Geordie earlier this year, he showed off his designer clothes and luxury home to presenter Vicky Pattison, telling her: “I am the youngest lottery jackpot winner in the UK.”

He once regularly posted pictures to his Twitter and Instagram accounts to boast of his wealth – but today, both of these profile had been made private.

Some of Vladimir’s photographs included a snap of an Aston Martin, a row of eight expensive watches, a Bentley and a private jet.

He admitted to The Sun that he first made up the lie about winning the lottery when he appeared on ITV2 show Girlfriends three years ago.

He explained to the newspaper: “I wanted to get into Big Brother and reality-based shows.”

The young man has now been dumped from Britain's Flashiest Families and is reportedly facing debts of close-to €30,000. The Sun also reports that there are two active county court judgments against his name.

Those taking to social-media today were less than sympathetic to his plight, however.

Indeed, one said: “This punk has been caught out, now he has to work out how to repay all the money he owes and the wolves will chase hard.”

Mr Wilson told The Sun that until recently he had a well-paid job in Gibraltar selling tax avoidance schemes. Mr Wilson added that he is now looking for work and is not claiming the dole.